Summer Heat




NC has removed the mask mandate for outdoors.  Masks will not be required to be worn during summer heat. They are optional!



  • All teams need 12 paid players on roster by MAY 31st in order to be included in the schedule.
  • Players must be registered by MAY 31st to be guaranteed a tee shirt for the first game.
  • June 14th - Summer Heat begins
  • July 5th - July 8th – No games
  • July 29th  –  Summer Heat ends

Team Captains - Submit your team name and division of play to to get the ball rolling!


Based on feedback received from the Summer Heat survey, we have several new options for summer play!

NEW PLAYERS (those that did not play this spring 2021 season) to the league will pay the TASL league fee plus the $30 NCASA state fee which is paid once per year and is good for 2021.

Registration includes a Summer Heat Tee Shirt!

  • Men's 1, Men's 2, Men's 3, Men Over 30 - All 7 vs. 7, games twice a week on Tuesday/Thursday, standard SH format, $80
  • NEW! Mens OPEN - 11 vs. 11, 90 minute matches, full field, once per week on Thursday, 3 officials, $75 - must have a minimum # of teams
  • NEW! Men Over 55 - pick-up format, 90 minutes, once per week on Wednesday, Select the team The Nifty Fifty Fives!  $75
  • Coed 1, Coed 2, Coed 3 - All 7 vs. 7, games twice a week on Monday/Wednesday, standard SH format, $80
  • NEW!  Coed Rec - 7 vs. 7, games once a week on Tuesday, standard SH format, $45
  • NEW!  Womens Rec - pick-up format, 90 minutes, once per week on Thursday, select the team Summer Breeze! $75

"1" is the most advanced level for the more serious competitors

"2" is an intermediate level for those in between

"3" is the lower level for those that just want to play and have fun

Note: Alternate game days may occasionally be required.





SUBSTITUTE PLAYERS (GUESTS) - Registration will open on June 1st.

We will continue to offer our "SUBSTITUTE PLAYER" program for the summer season based on the following:

  • Teams must have 12 paid players before they are allowed to add a Sub Player.
  • Sub Players must be 18 years of age before June 14, 2021, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Game Day Fees are $7.50 per game for short games and $15 per game for 90 minute matches.
  • Tee shirts are not provided for Sub Players. Captains should ask subs to bring a similar color tee shirt to wear.
  • NEW players must pay the $30 state player fee (one time) if they did not play in the Spring season
  • Players must register for EACH game day by 2PM (TASL has to ADD the players to the roster each day!)
NEED A TEAM?  Register as a FREE AGENT!

Players without a team are not guaranteed placement but we will make every effort to find a team for you! Register ASAP for the player pool.  No fees required until you actually join a team.  The captains go to the player pool to find additional players so the sooner you register, the better your chances are to find a team!


FIELDS see maps for the WRAL Soccer Park & Wake Competition Center
  • Twelve (12) game season - 2 games per week
  • Two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute half time
  • Typical game start times: 6:15pm, 7:00pm, 7:30pm, 8:15pm, 9:00pm and 9:30pm
  • One official per game
  • Note: No weather related game make-ups in Summer Heat.

Summer Heat Rules

  • All TASL Summer Heat league players must be at least 18 years of age to participate.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The standard game format is 7 vs. 7 (6 players plus a goalkeeper).
  • Coed teams must have two (2) females on the field at all times (see exceptions below).
  • Minimum of 5 players to start a game.  Four or less players is a forfeit.  No female players on a coed team is a forfeit.
  • Team rosters must have a minimum of 12 players.
  • It is mandatory for players to wear shin guards at all games.
  • There is only one official for summer heat games and the fee is paid by TASL.
  • Team Captains must provide the official a TASL Game Day Roster prior to the start of the game.
  • There are no make-ups or rain dates in Summer Heat.
  • ALL players must have proof of identification at the field to present to the official.

Standard FIFA Laws of the Game are enforced with these exceptions: 

No Slide Tackling allowed in any division. A mandatory caution (yellow card as a minimum) is required for any infraction. Multiple infractions will result in additional sanctions.

No offside fouls in 7 vs 7 format.

A team is a “forfeit” if it cannot field five (5) players five minutes after the scheduled start time.

The play from the Goalkeeper's hand – punt, parry, throw, or drop-kick, must touch the ground or a player prior to crossing the half-field line. An indirect free kick is awarded at the half line for any infraction.  Does not apply to 11 vs 11 play.

If a goalkeeper receives a pass with their feet, they are considered a field player and MAY play the ball over half field.

Goal kicks can be taken from anywhere within the penalty area but must touch either the ground or a player prior to crossing the half-field line. An indirect free kick is awarded at the half.  Does not apply to 11 vs 11 play.

The match length for 7 vs. 7 will be two twenty-five minute halves with a five-minute interval.

COED LEAGUE RULES: A minimum of two (2) women & a maximum of five (5) men comprise a team. If there is only one (1) female on the field, the team must play with six (6) players (1 woman and 5 men). If there are no female players in the play at any time, then the game is a forfeit.

Rule Clarifications

ALL goals are worth one point regardless of gender or age.

Yes, a Penalty Kick may be awarded and are allowed to be called by the referee.

Yes, a Direct Kick may be called.

Yes, there are Throw-Ins.

Yes, yellow and red cards will be issued to players when required.  Red cards result in loss of games!

No off-sides in 7 vs. 7 format. 

No free substitution – FIFA Rules apply.

Goal kick distribution must stay within the half-field for 7 vs 7 play.