Fall & Spring Fees
QWhat are the costs to play soccer with TASL?
AMen's, Women's and Coed Divisions:
  • $130 for the first team,
  • $100 for the second team,
  • $40 for each additional team.
Coed Eight:
$105 for the first registration
$75 for the second registration
Recreation Division:
Does not count as a first team registration. 
  • $75
Refund Policy
QWhat if I play on a team that has a sponsor and I don’t have to pay fees?
AYou will register as a Free Agent and notify the TASL office of the name of the sponsored team so that we can place you on the team. Your Team Captain will be responsible for bringing the sponsor money into the TASL office along with a list of players and how the credit will be applied to each player.
QWhat if a player joins later in the season?
AAfter game 5 of the 10 game season, player fees will be as follows for Men, Women and Coed divisions: $90 for the first team, $55 for the second team, $40 for each additional team.  For Coed Eight and Men Over 60 divisions: $75 for the new players and $45 for returning or second team fee.
QWhat about other player costs, like uniforms?
AUniforms are team-specific and are not included in the player registration fee for fall and spring seasons. Please ask your Team Captain for information about uniform costs or other team specific fees.  Jerseys are provided for the Recreation division and Summer Heat players.